Because we love building products

Welcome to our Digital Craftshop. We are a team of self-organizing digital craftsmen - engineers, designers, marketers, strategists, process masters - united by our passion for building well-crafted digital products that serve people and energize businesses.

A story about you

You probably are an early stage startup or an established business with a need to create a new digital product from scratch or radically improve an existing one.

You care for speed and quality and you are looking for a partner who’s truly in this with you for the long haul, someone who can fully integrate, collaborate and execute effectively. You have come to the right place.

Your own product team rather than an agency

You get access to a dedicated team of self-organizing craftsmen - no redundant management layers! Our collaboration is effectively guided by robust processes that make the experience as close as possible to having an inhouse product team.
It is a model where we create, learn and grow your product and business together.

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