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Rebuilding of the online platform for CO2 Neutral Website

CO2 Neutral Website is a global climate project with participating websites from all continents. The initiative was started in 2009 driven by the fact that the Internet and information technology had exceeded air transport in terms of CO2 emissions.

By becoming a member of CNW companies balance out their CO2 emissions caused by running their website infrastructure. Membership means participation in certified projects like saving rainforests, building renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency and access to clean water in Africa.

Today more than 2,500 companies globally participate in CNW initiative.

We're on a mission!

CO2 Neutral Website wants to help companies go green - whilst also strengthening their brand. Our role in this mission is to make it as easy as possible for companies to balance out their CO2 emissions caused by web infrastructure. And at the same time making sure companies get most out of it for their brand.

In the core for achieving the vision is the development of a new and modern website. The old website and the whole orderflow was a custom developed solution that was outdated and inflexible.

We built a website based on Next.js/Vercel that focuses on simplicity and performance.
At the same time, it needed to be a flexible platform that puts them in control to create high-quality content in 5 languages. We use Sanity CMS to ensure that.

Visit CO2 Neutral Website to learn more.

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