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Because we love building products

We are a team of self-organizing digital craftsmen - engineers, designers, marketers, strategists, process masters - united by our passion for building well-crafted digital products that serve people and energize businesses.

Team in a meeting room

Digital Craftshop

The world is oversaturated with mediocre digital products that not only frustrate users but also stifle economic potential. At Nethart, we are driven by a commitment to replace the subpar with the superb. We prioritize quality over quantity, adhering to the principle that less is more—provided it's executed exceptionally well.

Digital Craftshop is where our dedication to digital craftsmanship, guided by a strategic approach, becomes your competitive advantage.

Small, agile, self-organizing

Being a small shop is our superpower. Without the layers of management and bureaucracy you find in larger companies, we're able to stay agile. We put our faith in the skillsets of talented individuals and cohesive teams over rigid processes. Embracing a self-organizing model that empowers our teams to identify and execute the most effective strategies for each project.

Remote setup that works

Embracing a remote-first approach has been our choice, not a necessity thrust upon us by unforeseen circumstances. With roots in Denmark and Latvia, our journey began with a hybrid model, evolving to fully remote operations over time. Our model is intentionally designed to level the playing field for all team members while enhancing our integration with clients and supporting our ability to adapt to change, and drive superior outcomes.

Meet the team


Product Development Lead


Creative Strategist


Product Developer


Tech Lead


Digital Designer


Frontend Engineer


Backend Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer

Core values

We are Craftsmen

Craftsmanship is self-respect at Nethart. We're intolerant of mediocrity, exceeding expectations by doing things right. It's not about what others expect, it's what we demand of ourselves.


We care about more than just getting the job done. We go all in to help each others to succeed. It's not just about skills - it's about teamwork, support, and a genuine desire to see others win.


We don't follow the well-worn path, but instead find satisfaction in seeking alternative, innovative routes. We enjoy the challenge of disrupting the norm and embracing fresh approaches that lead to greater rewards.


We always stay students - striving to stay humble and curious. We accept that others know more than we do and we can actually benefit from their knowledge. Maintaining a growth mind-set, embracing change.