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Because we love building products

We are a team of self-organizing digital craftsmen - engineers, designers, marketers, strategists, process masters - united by our passion for building well-crafted digital products that serve people and energize businesses.

Team in a meeting room

Digital Craftshop

Our goal is to be artisans in the digital realm, consistently delivering masterful work. We prioritize quality over quantity, adhering to the philosophy that when developing products, less is often more—provided it's done exceptionally well. We're committed to exceeding not just the basic requirements but also your highest expectations.

Small, agile, self-organizing

Being a small shop is our superpower. Without the layers of management and bureaucracy you find in larger companies, we're able to stay agile. We put our faith in the skillsets of talented individuals and cohesive teams over rigid processes. Embracing a self-organizing model that empowers our teams to identify and execute the most effective strategies for each project.

Meet the team


Product Development Lead


Creative Strategist


Product Developer


Tech Lead


Digital Designer


Frontend Engineer


Backend Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer