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Online merchandise experience for a niche community

Crafting a specialized online store for Aeldreshoppen, we made custom-branded merchandise accessible for members of Ældre Sagen, Denmark's premier organization for older adults. With a focus on user-friendliness and print configuration, our tailored ecommerce solution brings the Ældre Sagen brand to life in a new, personalized way.

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Client: Ældreshoppen

Timespan: Sep '22 - present

Key Focus: Headless eCommerce

Scope: Web Design, Web Development

Technologies: Shopify, Next.js, Sanity, Vercel, Tailwind CSS

Aeldreshoppen is a husband-and-wife-operated online store dedicated to providing Ældre Sagen members with branded merchandise. Ældre Sagen, or DaneAge Association in English, is a nonprofit aiming to improve life quality for Denmark's older population. The shop offers a range of clothing and accessories, complete with customizable print options that include the organization's logo and even specific city names.

The Challenge

With a unique need for an online shop that allows users to configure branded prints on their chosen merchandise, Aeldreshoppen came to us. They were looking for a specialized solution tailored to an older audience, with whom we had the pleasure of working on a different project before.

Our Solution

To capture the essence of the Ældre Sagen brand, we designed a platform that mirrors its look and feel. This creates an instantly recognizable and comforting experience for the users. The platform features a modern, fast interface that enables easy customization of branded apparel and accessories. Shoppers can select a print, preview the outcome, and have their personalized merchandise delivered to their doorsteps.

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We utilized a serverless Vercel setup, with Next.js for frontend, and Tailwind CSS to style the application. Shopify served as the backend for ecommerce and checkout functionalities.

The project was completed in approximately 1.5 months, covering design, development, and content setup.

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Crafted with passion and care at our Digital Craftshop.