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A digital hub for efterskole moments

We built a vibrant eCommerce platform where students customize merchandise, create memory books, and book reunions, encapsulating the essence of their 'best time' with smart and user-friendly tech solutions.

Client: Den Bedste Tid

Timespan: Jan '22 - present

Key Focus: Headless eCommerce

Scope: Web Design, Web Development

Technologies: Shopify, Next.js, Sanity, Vercel, Tailwind CSS, MUX, Klaviyo

In 2022, we embarked on a journey with "Den Bedste Tid" (The Best Time), a Danish family-owned venture dedicated to capturing the essence of the efterskole experience. Efterskoles, unique to Danish culture, are more than just boarding schools; they are institutions that nurture students between 14 and 18 years old, focusing on personal growth beyond academic achievements. Den Bedste Tid aims to immortalize these transformative years through themed merchandise, memory books, and events.

Den Bedste Tid sought our expertise as their existing solution was unable to keep up with their evolving needs. With a fresh, playful brand identity in hand, they aspired to be more than a merchandise supplier; they aimed to become a central part of the efterskole experience, facilitating unforgettable moments.

DBT website desktop view

We launched a vibrant ecommerce platform that reflects the new brand ethos and serves as a one-stop shop for efterskole students to cherish their memories. The site features:

  • A Build-Your-Own Merch Store: This allows each efterskole class to set up their personalized storefront. Class representatives can upload their group's designs, and members can then personalize their orders by applying these designs to their chosen merchandise products.

  • Ordering of Blå Bog: A special section for students to create their own "Blå Bog" (memory book), compiling their cherished memories and achievements.

  • Ticket sales for The Reunion Party: What truly sets DBT apart is the unique offering of The Reunion Party. This event is a distinctive product in their portfolio, bringing together students from across Denmark for a memorable celebration. Through the new website, users have the convenience of learning about this exclusive event and booking their tickets to be part of the experience.

In collaboration with Små Film's content team, we crafted an engaging online experience that goes beyond mere transactions to evoke the nostalgia and joy of efterskole life. The platform not only offers customizable products but also brings to life the cherished moments of youth.

Technical Details

Our approach was to create a headless ecommerce solution utilizing Shopify for seamless transactions, Sanity for content management, and Vercel for optimal performance. Integration with MUX enhances the site with high-quality video content.

Project Duration

The project kicked off in early 2022 and continues to evolve, with ongoing enhancements and feature additions.

The Team

The project was led by Martins (Product Lead), with Zane (Project Manager), Maris (Digital Designer), Mareks and Bruno (Full Stack and Frontend Developers, respectively) driving the development.

Lessons Learned

This project reaffirmed the power of innovative tech solutions to provide small family businesses with the tools to compete on a larger scale. By creatively leveraging modern technology, we delivered a platform that transcends traditional ecommerce, offering a rich, immersive experience that captures the spirit of "Den Bedste Tid."

Browsing DBT website in laptop
DBT website - desktop screens with online shop views
DBT website tablet view
DBT website cut out

Crafted with passion and care at our Digital Craftshop.