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Headless eCommerce with Shopify launched in two weeks

Office Stance is a contemporary design studio that's reimagining the modern workspace. Drawing from rich Scandinavian traditions, they craft office items that embody functionalism and minimalist aesthetics. The versatile, user-friendly products are available directly to consumers through their online store, embracing a Direct-To-Customer (DTC) approach.

Close up image of Office Stance monitor stand and drawer

Client: Office Stance

Timespan: Apr '21 - present

Key Focus: Headless eCommerce

Scope: Web Design, Content Production, Web Development

Technologies: Shopify, Next.js, Sanity, Vercel, Tailwind CSS

In early 2019 Office Stance started their online shop solely for the danish market with a simple standard Shopify template. Soon after they extended the setup with a second Shopify store to support euro currency and english language for other european countries.

Office Stance loves Shopify! Overall how it's infrastructure plugs into everything. How easy it is to update things - customers, orders etc. And how you can snap an app for solving almost anything.
But just as powerful Shopify is with most of the things, it has it's limitations.

By the end of 2020 Office Stance was ready and willing to take the next big step. They experienced a need for a new platform that would help the young brand to scale it's ecommerce and expand it to new countries.
And at the same time a platfrom that would support their content-led strategy - give a an authentic and outstanding customer experience in terms of website performance and richer product presentation.

We built a headless Shopify storefront based on our website building module - NHL (Nethart Headless Layer with Sanity and Next.js).

The new ecommerce setup gives Office Stance a blazing fast Jamstack site. And for the business it gives the needed flexibility - e.g. support of multiple languages, currencies, VAT free shopping to EU companies and opened up for unlimited possibilities for presenting the brand and the products.

Learn more and get your Office Stance here.

Crafted with passion and care at our Digital Craftshop.