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Marketing websites with Sanity

We specialize in building headless websites with Sanity CMS. Fast, flexible, and built to scale. Elevate your brand to new heights.

Why Sanity

Sanity is a modern headless CMS revolutionizing digital content management. Its departure from traditional CMS confines allows for the creation of dynamic, engaging digital experiences. This flexibility and scalability ensure that your website evolves effortlessly, keeping pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Speed & performance

In today's digital landscape, speed is synonymous with success. Our integration of Sanity with cutting-edge frontend technologies ensures blazing-fast load times, consistently achieving top scores in Google's Lighthouse performance tests. This means not just a quicker website, but a boost in SEO, user engagement, and overall conversion rates.

Unlimited flexibility

Sanity Studio's open-source nature allows us to customize your CMS experience fully. We integrate external services and tailor the interface to your unique needs, offering unparalleled flexibility in managing and displaying your content, ensuring your marketing website stands out in a crowded digital space.

Unmatched collaboration

Sanity Studio redefines content collaboration. With features enabling multiple editors to work simultaneously, we've seen editorial teams transition from conventional tools to real-time, in-CMS content development. This means more cohesive, agile, and efficient content management for your team.

Examples of work



From a blank canvas to a dynamic SaaS brand

For Hakio, a trailblazing Danish SaaS startup, we didn't just build a website—we crafted an entire brand identity. From conceptualizing their name to establishing a robust online presence, we transformed a fresh idea into a vibrant force in the fashion industry's tech space.

CO2 Neutral Website

Rebuilding the membership platform for CO2 Neutral Website

Tasked with revitalizing a pivotal global climate initiative, we transformed CO2 Neutral Website's digital presence. Our solution seamlessly blended a minimalist design with user-centric functionality, resulting in a serverless platform optimized for performance and multilingual content management.

CO2 Neutral Website case image with preview of the website
Små Film

Små Film

Crafting a digital home for a content agency

Små Film, a fresh-out-of-the-box content agency, needed a robust digital platform, they turned to us. We delivered a vibrant, scalable website tailored to their creative energy and ambitious growth plans.

Erik Sommer

CEO of CO2 Neutral Website

"We have experienced a measurable impact in product performance."

Since we launched our new platform, we have experienced a measurable impact in product performance. Nethart has proven to be a solid partner with a deep understanding of both the technical complexities and our business space.

They provide solid technical support that is essential for our business. Our ongoing collaboration proves they are a reliable partner when building your digital product.

Brands we've empowered

CO2 Neutral Website
Sorry Mom
Små film
Tier1 Asset
Hakio logo

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