What we have crafted

We have partnered with some of the coolest companies. And we have designed, built and validated some of their most ambitious ideas and thus transformed their businesses. Here is a selection of our work to give you an insight into some of our collaborations.


Building Denmark's largest and oldest music magazine

We collaborate on a daily basis with GAFFA team on building and improving reader experiences for Danish and Swedish music-loving audiences.

Office Stance

From idea to a marketable product and selling online

We had a need. We could not find an existing product on the market that we liked. We chose to create our own product. We designed it, we branded it and we sell it online!


Sustainable toy to global audiences

We helped the young and ambitious toy brand Flockmen to level-up their e-commerce and create a customer experience that lives up to their global ambitions.

Nordic Trademarks

Protecting your brand made easy and accessible

We helped the danish law-firm Otello to create a new product - Nordic Trademarks - aimed for expansion in Scandinavia.

Framing People

Quality custom-made frames now just a single click away

Framing People invited us to help build a product that brings together best of the Danish framing shops and connects them directly to end-customers.


Closer to the customer and end-user

We've helped Scandbio extend their business by opening up a new sales channel that allows customers online to order pellets with a door delivery from any place in Latvia at any time.


A functioning application built and launched in 7 days

We built a simple campaign web application for solar panel owners in Denmark to apply for payouts for their produced electricity.

More Music

Helping a Danish online music school to conquer the world

More Music was looking for a reliable and capable partner for the new startup to build their large scale web app connecting music teachers and learners.

Caribia Travels

The young danish travel agency taken to the next level

We collaborated with Caribia Travels to improve their visual identity and customer experience. By showcasing the exotic travel destinations in a visually rich and appealing way we made sure they end up in customers' shopping carts.

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